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Semyx, LLC, offers complete customization on all machines. Each waterjet cutting machine has optional features and accessories to meet the needs of every customer.
Semyx is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new TITAN® Series waterjet cutting machines. The TITAN water jet cutting series is the newest addition to the Semyx line of water jet cutters and offers huge cutting capabilities in both small and large packages for a wide variety of applications.
Semyx simplifies the cutting and piercing of thin, delicate glass to thick glass material. With waterjet cutting machines, cutting contours and stained glass, mirrors, inlays, ornaments, windows, and more.
West Coast Customs is known for making the impossible possible. West Coast Customs relies exclusively on Semyx water-jet cutting technology to bring my creations from renderings to reality. — Ryan Friedlinghaus, Founder and CEO, West Coast Customs.
Pure water jet cutting is used for applications that take in consideration the speed of the waterjet cutting, reliability, and minimal moisture residue. The moisture residue is very low because of the very small stream (very small orifice streams) and very high speeds. For that reason alone, pure waterjet cutting is very popular in the paper industry. Pure water jet cutting is very commonly used
Waterjet Filtration Closed Loop Filtration, The Closed Loop Filtration System is designed to o filter and treat waterjet overflow water for reuse. This system can service single or multiple heads on any waterjet table.
Water Jet Cutting Options BY SEMYX LLC Tilting Head Auto-Height and Anti-Collision System 5-Axis Head Drill Attachment Dual Cutting Heads Laser Edge Finder Dual Z-Axis Lifting Arm Remote Control Pendant Water Level Tank.
Water jets are great cutting systems used for many industrial purposes. They come equipped with modern features, assisting users in making the most of their productivity.

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