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When operating your own business, you need email white labeling with company name on your Emails and send Emails from MassMailer from your brand name
Stop! Before you launch your email newsletter, you need to know the basics. There are certain best practices that are and hellip
Then navigate to Settings -> Whitelabels -> Domains page. On this Domain Whitelabel page, click on "Add Whitelabel" button. Then you have to enter your mailing subdomain and mailing domain name.
When you're starting an email marketing campaign, you often need to choose between using a dedicated or shared IP address.
the difference between email marketing and marketing automation? It can be a bit confusing because one does not necessarily exclude
Salesforce implementation depends on the quality of database.An up-to-date database ensures campaigns reach your prospects and increases generation of sales
MassMailer helps you how to do email subscriber list segmentation to get maximum response and higher conversions in five ways
Sending one-to-one emails in Salesforce is easy, but for mass emails, Salesforce has some limitations.MassMailer simplifies them by Salesforce in 7 ways

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