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Interaction is an essential part of life. That’s where excels. Choose one of our group activities like interactive drumming, gumboot dancing, African dancing, or Fire dancing to highlight the importance of communication, team-work, synergy, enthusiasm and to have fun in the work place. Visit our website for more info.
At Drums and Rhythm we offer a wide range of team building activities using drumming and dancing to facilitate human potential through rhythm. Come and join us at and let the music motivate and build your team from root level. For more info, visit our website today. BOOKINGS OPEN!

Searching for effective team-building ideas in Gauteng? If there is anything that works best, its music especially playing alongside in groups with pro Djembe drummers! So, if you are looking for a unique yet sure-fire way to get your colleagues work together, visit us at or dial 082-843-7118 today.

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